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Floor Sanding Cuffley

Since 1997

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Do you need a new wooden floor in Cuffley?

Head towards the A10 and arrive close to the spot where, lying hidden for years in a mini-jungle of brambles and shrubs, was the creation of one of England greatest architects...

Can the same be said of your wooden floors?  If so, they deserve better. 

Transforming them from shabby to smart: marked to magnificent and damaged to divine will impress family, friends and customers.

You need an expert company for such a task.  Awaiting your call...


The Cuffley Floor Sanding Masters!


Whether in your home, shop or office; school, bar or restaurant...


Your floors will get the best advice and a superb job - with only the highest quality products.


For hardwood boards or parquet blocks - the complete restoration service:

repairs and replacement of damaged timber

sanding to remove layers of old paint and sealant


staining for a fresh look


new protection with natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.


99% dust free sanding:

minimal mess - as our machines collect the dust from outside each room.

Decades of experience:


from a family firm who’ve restored hundreds of floors.

So choose the best -

call us for your free assessment today!


The Cuffley Floor Sanding Specialists




The lost edifice was no less than Temple Bar: Sir Christopher Wren’s huge gate, erected in Fleet Street to mark the entrance to the City of London in 1672.  

With a canopy above its central arch and two small pedestrian gates alongside, it remained in place until 1878.  Then, proving inadequate for the demands of traffic, it was taken apart and put in store.

It was bought, transported stone by stone and rebuilt at the entrance of Theobald’s Park by its owner, Lady Meux of the brewing family.

It proved a hit at parties, but slipped into shameful neglect until a campaign to restore it and return it to the city eventually proved successful. Since 2004, it has made its home in Paternoster Square, beside St Paul’s. How good to have two of Wren’s masterpieces standing side by side.

With over 12 years of sanding knowledge,
we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden
floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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